"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
-Steve Jobs

Project Combine

I’m CEO and Lead Developer at Project Combine, an independent pricing and review comparison site made for PC gamers, by PC gamers. We’re proud to be the dominant force in this space.


I run POST News it’s an independant and honest technology newspaper in a space plagued by fanboyism and sloppy reporting. Hopefully we’ll be a little bit better than the rest.

Paperclip Analytics

I was the lead front-end developer at Paperclip Analytics, a free and transparent solution for tracking visitors on your website.


I was on of the three founding members of PEC enterprises and oversaw the merger where it became GIMPEC. I remained an Executive Officer until summer 2018, four years after I founded it.

Mouse Communication System

I was the developer for MCS online and MCS for Linux, together with Archie Baer , as part of the SMPL group.