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Welcome to POST news

A new era computer journalism

Peter Murphy
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Hello, you've stumbled upon a revolution.

Ever since the fall of the Verge, there has been a void in the PC news sphere that has waited to be filled. I saw an acute lack of transparency, honesty and accountability across major publications and felt that computer enthusiasts deserved more. We needed more than blatant lies and cover-ups. More than sloppy reporting and fanboyism. More than just getting to the POST screen. That's why I've decided to found POST news; a fresh, and free, look on computing. A place to hold complacent Titans accountable. A place for independent journalism to flourish. And, most importantly a place without tweezers.

For now, we'll remain a non-profit, although we may run ads from time to time to cover our running costs, hosting, domains, paying our journalists etc. All of the excess income will go towards doing something positive, whether it's donating to charity or something else. I don't want to just sell out to a multinational, like every other startup these days, because that would go against our goals and principles. Likewise, I have no intention of selling our user's data. That's not what we're about here and again goes against our principles. Please feel free to hold me to account on this. For now, it's just going to be me here, until we can get enough revenue to hire more people, so articles might be a bit infrequent, and maybe not very polished, but I still feel that you'll enjoy sharing your passion for tech with me. Revolutions aren't always beautiful.

Thanks for dropping by,