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Nvidia Releases GTX 1660

Farewell RX 590, Nvidia is Here to Burn you to DEATH!

Peter Murphy
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Yesterday, Nvidia released the next GPU in the 16 series. Again, it lacks ray tracing and DLSS, but packs the new Turing shaders, enabling quite a bit better performance than its predecessor, the 1060. Coming in with 1408 CUDA cores, a clock speed of 1530 to 1785, that's faster than the 1660ti, and happily rocking the last generation GDDR5. This results in a very much memory starved GPU, much like Vega without HBM2. However, it still scrapes near the performance level of the GTX 1070.

Coming in at just over 200 pounds on Amazon, only 0.18% more than the RX 580, throwing it to the ground and then mopping the floor with it before putting AMDiddle's value offering in the mincer. The sad story of the RX 570's demise is not much prettier, and it should be truly put to the sword by the rumoured 1650. However, the strong chested AMD fanboys will be quick to point out that we are only a short time away from Navi's release, now rumoured to only happen in August, and maybe, just maybe, Nvidia is simply scared of what's to come. Big papa Jensen never gave mega value whoppers to consumers for nothing, did he? Well, now he has.

With 'scalability' on the roadmap, maybe I'm the only one to speculate that Infinity Fabric may be making its way to the GPU side, just like the good old days, before RTG fell to their ill hearted rivals. Just joking, Nvidia fanboys should still sleep calmly, safe in the knowledge that their loving master has finally not stolen all the contents of their wallets.

There is always hope,