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AirPower has been Cancelled

Apple has let the sun set on its long-forgotten product

Peter Murphy
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The amazing wireless charger that was supposed to charge multiple devices at once has been permanently cancelled. Apple has been completely silent on the project for almost a year now, with it being removed from all marketing materials. The Qi wireless charger was rumoured to have been overheating in Apple's labs, with engineers unable to keep the project cool, subject to a large amount of ridicule from analysts, with its long foretold cancellation becoming a meme among technology enthusiasts.

Apple released the following statement:

"After much effort, we've concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards and we have cancelled the project"

There was hope that we would see the product finally come to market after Apple's second-generation AirPods shipped with a wireless charging case, compared to the previous wired one and MacRumors found an image of the iPhone XS charging on the mat alongside the new AirPods, hidden away in the page's source code, never to see the light of day, only a few days back.

In the meantime, cheap Chinese knockoffs have been posing as it on Amazon, luring in iSheep with their completely accurate design and low price tags, and with the product being cancelled, I can only see more prospective buyers accidentally picking up a poorly made clone, voiding their warranties. Apple can be a cruel beast, but I believe that you're only supposed to use first-party accessories, which I presume is why they make more revenue from dongles than actual products. And if you buy a third party lightning cable, the firm making it will be charged four dollars for each connector in royalties.

Anyhow, I am sad to see a once forward-looking product from Apple being cancelled, even if its demise was inevitable.

Yours truly,