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Is Minecraft Dead?

Is Minecraft, the 2nd most purchased game on the planet, a lost cause?

Archie Baer
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Remember Minecraft? A lot of people say it's dead now, but honestly, there's a lot more to it than that.

Currently, the games sales figures are pretty good. It's almost the most purchased game on the planet, second to Tetris, with 154,000,000 sales according to Wikipedia as of March 2019 and YouTube has confirmed that Minecraft, yes, not Fortnite, is still the most watched game on the platform.

" Fortnite has certainly been a massive contributor to the growth on gaming [but] Minecraft is still our biggest game globally Fortnite has not taken off in every single market." - Ryan Wyatt, Global Director of YouTube Gaming and Partnerships

What is changing, however, is how people play Minecraft. Java Edition is only available on Mac, Linux and Windows, while Bedrock is on Windows 10, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Samsung Gear VR and Fire TV, but not Mac or Linux yet :(

Java Edition is losing players, but Bedrock Edition, in other words, all the other platforms, is gaining new players. However, there are many hardcore Minecraft players who say they will never switch to Bedrock Edition, despite the fact that at some point, if enough players leave, big servers will see no use in remaining on the older version. This could be due to the differences, for example, only recently did BE get shields, and still is yet to have some mobs like the illusion. However, Mojang released 1.13 and the equivalent Bedrock version at a similar time, and there is nowhere near the feature gap there used to be, like back in the days when Pocket Edition lacked pistons.

So the statistics say that Minecraft is still going, and there are still countless popular YouTubers playing Minecraft, so in conclusion, I think we can say that Minecraft is not dead.

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A Baer
Contributing Journalist