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Prince Harry says Fortnite should be banned

+ Elizabeth Warren being generally annoying

Archie Baer
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A few years ago, the FCC decided to get rid of net neutrality for some reason. It was a terrible idea, but they did. Last month, the EU decided to pass their copyright directive that would ban sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit. It was a terrible idea, but they did. And look who else wants to join the party of "I should regulate the internet even though I have no idea what I'm actually doing"! It's Prince Harry and Elizabeth Warren.

Prince Harry claims Fortnite causes "an addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible" and should be banned. But does he not realise that if Fortnite was gone, another game, potentially worse, would inevitably take its place? And what right does the Duke of Sussex have over the internet? Yes, maybe Fortnite may cause addiction, but so does pretty much everything people use on the internet now. So then, Harry is going to start saying "Let's ban the internet". Nobody should have the right to decide what goes on the internet (not even lawmakers in my opinion), because firstly, it often results in unintended consequences, and secondly, the internet is a distributed system. A web host has the right to stop hosting your site. An ISP is able to refuse you service (See my upcoming article on why we should eliminate ISPs). But if your site is online, and the people who provide the infrastructure to get it online are okay with it, no-one should be able to take it down because they don't like it.

We've already seen that the European Union has way too much power over the internet. Did anyone really benefit from GDPR? Companies have to pay more and handle data the way the EU wants, and we get emails and notifications about how companies are collecting our data. Sure, it's nice to be able to download a package with what companies know about you, but it isn't really that useful in my opinion. And it makes it way more confusing to start an online company. Talking of people crushing tech companies, next it's Elizabeth Warren!

Warren seems to like the idea of destroying large tech companies. What she doesn't realise, is how much everyone (including the US government) relies on these tech companies. Microsoft, Google and Apple are all used in many businesses and schools. Google has services like Google Classroom and GSuite, and Microsoft has their business email service. Many tech companies help the US government, for example, Google was working on Project Maven, a controversial project with the military using AI to improve drone strikes.

Unfortunately, it seems we are very pessimistic of technology, and constantly worry about our privacy and security. What we don't do is appreciate how much it benefits our lives, but we instead want to destroy it. In other words, we are ungrateful.

A Baer
Contributing Journalist