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Computex Rumour Roundup

All you need to know about what's going to be announced next week

Peter Murphy
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With three days to go until Asia's biggest technology event, the rumour mill has dived into overdrive, with details on upcoming launches from both AMdiddle and nGreedia slowly trickling out as reps and hardware partners grow tired of keeping secrets and just can't manage to keep it all private until launch day comes around. This article should give you an idea of what should be announced, alongside when the various keynotes are.

Let's start with the keynotes:

  • AMD's keynote should kick it all off with 'The Next Generation of High-Performance Computing.' Navi looks set to be launched at E3, but expect to see some Zen 2 teasers such as clock speeds, core counts and Cinebench runs.
  • Nvidia is also having their own special keynote on Monday, teasing something 'super.'
  • Intel's having their keynote on Tuesday about how they're 'transforming intelligent computing for our data-centric world to expand human potential.' Again, it seems just as cryptic as AMD's topic, and just as generic. Expect to see some 10nm demos, with Ice Lake shipping in June, it seems to be an ample opportunity to show off how they're still keeping pace with AMD's constant competition. Hopefully, there will be no chillers.

Now onto the rumours:

Thanks to numerous leaks courtesy of AdoredTV, we have a pretty good picture of what AMD’s upcoming consumer CPUs are going to be like. With boost speeds up to 5 GHz and up to 16 cores, AMD looks set to demolish Intel’s offerings, if they can get them at the current gen Ryzen’s pricepoints. The CPUs should also support PCIe 4.0, as AMD announced back in November that it's comming to Zen 2, and it has since been confirmed by various motherboard manufacturers. What has also been confirmed by motherboard manufactures is that the X570 chipset will require active cooling. This is rumoured to be there because X570 will support NVMe raid at PCIe 4.0 speeds, which will require a lot of horsepower to drive. We also know that the chipset’s TDP has increased from 5 watts to 15 watts from the last generation. It is also the first time AMD has designed their chipsets in house, at least in recent history, ending their reliance on ASMedia to put in the grunt work, but also means that they are likely to be less efficient. Also of note, the X570 Meg from MSI has dual 8-pin EPS connectors, the same as Threadripper boards, meaning that it is all but confirmed that we are getting high core count CPUs on the AM4 platform, and looking at AMD’s Cinebench demo at CES, frequency and IPC should be on par with Intel’s offerings.

There really isn’t much news on the Nvidia side of things. They released a teaser video on their Geforce Youtube channel showing a metal plate with the word 'super' written on it. This could be pointing to the expected boost in GDDR6 VRAM speeds in their Turing GPUs, up to 16GBps according to Wccftech a 14% increase on a memory hungry architecture, reportedly to counter AMD’s upcoming Navi architecture which is expected to be fully unveiled at E3.

At the time of going to print, info on Intel's event is also relatively sparse, with a ten core consumer desktop CPU expected to launch by autumn, with no information as to when they’re going to be shown off. Expect to see some 10nm mobile parts in the Ice Lake family. However, it looks like these will not make themselves into high-performance laptops, and instead focus on power efficiency for low power ultralights, like the MacBook Air. No desktop CPUs are expected to be announced on the 10nm process this year. Also, don’t expect any Xe GPUs from the Blue Team, those are coming in 2020, although we may get some roadmap updates for dGPUs as well as the rollout of 10nm in non-mobile sectors.

In short, Computex 2019 seems to be shaping up to be an exciting and entertaining event, packed full of high profile launches. I will keep you informed of what’s happening in Taipei, from the comfort of your armchair. This looks set to be an exciting week.

Notes: I have excluded Navi rumours as AMD’s new GPU architecture is expected to be unveiled at E3 at their Next Horizon Gaming event. I will do a separate roundup for all the E3 rumours in a separate article.

From underdog to champion: AMD!