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Prince Harry says Fortnite should be banned

+ Elizabeth Warren being generally annoying

Archie Baer
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A few years ago, the FCC decided to get rid of net neutrality for some reason. It was a terrible idea, but they did. Last month, the EU decided to pass their copyright directive that would ban sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit. It was a terrible idea, but they did...

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Peter Murphy
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Here at POST News, we're all about well-written content on the latest topics. We provide concisely written, high-quality news to a global fanbase, without paywalls, or content that is sponsored or skewed. We look at critical events from every angle, not just as iSheep or the PCMR...

Chinese Students Falsely Receive $895,800 in iPhone Replacements

Apple gave out 1,493 iPhones to the scammers, who took advantage of their returns policy

Peter Murphy
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The college students, who were studying in the US used knock-off iPhone clones that would not power on to demand replacements from a local, gullible, Apple store. The genuine iPhones would then be returned to China and sold for a profit. This is a clear violation of Apple's policies so naturally, the firm got a tiny bit annoyed...